We are a small organisation which makes it easy and quick for children to settle and become part of the family in no time. We are not a part of any chain organisation so we are flexible enough to accommodate and meet every child and parents need. We communicate openly with all those who entrust their children into our care.

The manager is always available on the premises, hands-on and to ensure our strict safeguarding, health and safety policy is adhered to at all times. The manager is available to speak to you on a one to one basis in addition to daily contact with your child’s key carer.

We provide appropriate training and support for all our staff to ensure they are up to date to improve and extend their practice in making sure the children are able to achieve their full potential.

Our commitment to our parents

We ensure that as a parent, you have as many opportunities as you need to be involved in the nursery life and to understand how your child is progressing through daily feedback, communication, progress report and numerous events such as parents evening, stay and play e.t.c. We are here to ensure that you can be confident that your child is getting the best childcare possible and that your needs as parents are being addressed/met.

Our commitment to your child

New Mind Nursery enables children to socialise and learn through play from an early age. At our nursery, all the children have opportunity to develop and learn through first hand experiences making use of the wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities we have at our disposal.